7 Reasons Why Adani Solar Panels are Worth the Investment

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Adani Solar Panels are one of the main sun powered charger producers in India. Their boards give a reasonable and manageable wellspring of energy. With over 25 years of experience, Adani has sold millions of its reliable solar panels across India. In this article, we will investigate 7 key reasons behind why putting resources into Adani Solar panels chargers seems OK. 

  1. Reliable Quality of Adani Solar Panels

Adani Solar utilizes high-grade polysilicon and trend setting innovation to create sturdy sunlight based chargers that can endure brutal atmospheric conditions like intensity, mugginess, residue, and downpour. Their boards are thoroughly tried to have high protection from consumption, breaking and potential-incited corruption. 

This guarantees they will produce clean energy proficiently for north of 25 years with insignificant debasement. The dependable quality and life span of Adani boards gives you a decent profit from your speculation over the long run. Adani solar panels utilize advanced monocrystalline PERC cell technology to effectively convert sunlight into clean electricity.

  1. Adani Solar Panels Competitive Pricing

As quite possibly the biggest sunlight based organization in India, Adani Sun powered can profit from economies of scale in assembling and keep their board costs cutthroat. They regularly offer alluring limits and supporting choices which make their items very reasonably contrasted with different brands. 

Adding sun powered to your home or business through Adani boards needn’t bother with being a costly speculation. Low forthright expenses and power investment funds guarantee a more limited restitution period.

  1. Improving Efficiency

Adani Solar is continuously working to develop more efficient panel technologies to maximize power output. Their R&D efforts have led to new models containing mono-perc cells that can convert around 21-22% of sunlight into electricity – much higher than some years ago. As efficiency improves, the same number of Adani panels will generate even more electricity to offset your bills. This boosts returns on your solar investment over the long run. 

  1. Extensive Warranties

All Adani Solar panels come with a standard 12-year product warranty and 25-year performance warranty. This guarantees the functionality and electricity generation capacity of the panels. Should any cell experience problems due to faulty manufacturing or materials during the product period, Adani will replace it free of cost. 

Their long-term warranties give confidence that the system will keep working reliably to provide clean solar power as well as financial returns for decades. Independent testing has proven Adani solar panels maintain over 90% of their peak power output even after 25 years of use.

  1. Sustainable Energy Source 

By choosing sun oriented power through Adani boards, mortgage holders and organizations are decreasing their carbon impression and reliance on petroleum derivatives. This contributes essentially towards a greener future. 

Sun based energy is boundless and free – when the framework is introduced, it will produce contamination free power from the sun endlessly without fuel costs. Adani boards accordingly present an eco-accommodating and manageable long haul energy arrangement.

  1. Government Subsidies

The Indian government offers various subsidies and incentives for rooftop solar installations under programmes like MNRE and CFA. Adani passes on these benefits in the form of lower prices for their complete solar solutions. 

Purchasing a PV system through Adani allows customers to maximize financial assistance from policies promoting renewable energy adoption. Together with the annual power savings, this strengthens the business case for solar significantly.  

  1. Strong After-Sales Support

Adani understands that excellent customer service is as important as quality products. Their team of experienced technicians provide end-to-end support from project plan and establishment to upkeep and. A toll-free helpline is available to address any concern promptly. 

Additionally, regular performance reports allow system owners to monitor output over the internet for complete confidence. Comprehensive after-sales support enhances the overall solar experience with Adani.

What are the government subsidies available for Adani Solar panels?

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) offers a number of subsidy schemes to boost rooftop solar adoption across India. Here are some key subsidies available that make Adani Solar panels more affordable:

  • Central Financial Assistance (CFA): This provides a subsidy of 40% of the system cost or Rs. 13.5 lakhs/MW, whichever is lower. The current incentive is capped at 30kW residential and 500kW commercial capacity. 
  • Swasth Vayu Shakti: For installing renewable systems in highly polluted cities, an additional 15% subsidy is offered under this program. 
  • Off-grid and Decentralized Solar Applications: Isolated households, community buildings and street lighting projects in rural areas are eligible for a higher 50% subsidy under this scheme. 
  • Surya Mitra: This MNRE program trains young individuals as solar technicians and entrepreneurs. They receive a stipend and credit to purchase solar products at lower rates.

Some states also offer their own financial incentives. For example, Gujarat gives a 25% subsidy and soft loans. Rajasthan offers net metering benefit where excess power can be sold back to the grid. Various bank finance schemes exist with interest rebates and lower down payment options.

Adani Solar ensures customers get full assistance in applying for and receiving all available central and state-level subsidies. This makes the affordable upfront cost of their panels even lower and significantly boosts the viability of solar investment projects.

In conclusion, given factors like high-efficiency, extensive warranties, competitive pricing, sustainable electricity generation and availability of government incentives – investing in Adani Solar panels is a very wise choice. Their reliable quality products and strong backing ensure maximum returns on investment over decades. 

By going solar with Adani, homeowners and businesses can cut electricity costs as well as contribute to environmental protection. Both homeowners and commercial establishments can significantly reduce their electricity costs by installing Adani solar panels on their rooftops.

SUN-AP Ecopower is one of the leading solar panel distributors in India. As a trusted supplier, they offer high-quality solar modules from top manufacturers like Adani Solar, Waaree Energies and Renesola. Some of the key installation supports that SUN-AP Ecopower provides for its solar panel customers: 

  • Project Design & Planning
  • On-site Assessment
  • Installation Services
  • Permit Assistance
  • Maintenance & Support- 
  • Training
  • Financing Assistance

Their team of experts help customers select the right products for their needs and also provide installation support across various regions. Whether you need panels for home, farm or industry, SUN-AP Ecopower can help you harness solar power efficiently.

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