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Eternal Shine SeriesMonofacial PV Modules

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Elan Shine
Bifacial PV Modules

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Monofacial PV Modules MBB P-Type PERC Half-cut

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5BB Multi-crystalline Solar PV Modules – 1500V series

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5BB Multi-crystalline Solar PV Modules – 1500V series

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Adani Solar is India’s 1st and largest vertically integrated solar company that offers products along with services across the spectrum of photovoltaics manufacturing. The cutting-edge technology, with machines and equipment sourced from the best-in- class suppliers, aims to help in cost leadership, scale of operations and reliability standards as per global benchmarks
Currently, Adani Solar is building the World’s 1st ever Fully Integrated and Comprehensive Eco-system of Solar PV manufacturing in Mundra, India The company offers and produces high-efficiency Mono PERC and Bifacial modules with superior efficiency, higher performance and enhanced reliability. Sun-AP is one of the authorized and leading partner with Adani solar panels.
adani solar panel distributors

Avail Sustainable Power Generation with Adani Solar Panels

Adani Solar panels refer to high-quality solar panels well-suited for residential and commercial installations. These panels use mono PERC cell technology which provides high-efficiency rates of up to 20% even in low-light conditions. This allows for optimal energy production throughout the day and year.

The panels have passed rigorous testing standards for mechanical load, UV exposure, and high temperatures. A multi-layer anti-reflective glass coating on the cells helps maximize the amount of sunlight absorbed.

What is an Adani Solar Panel?

Adani solar panels efficiently harness the sun’s energy and turn it into usable electricity. When sunlight streams down on the cells, it causes electrons to dislodge from their atoms within the semiconducting material. These loose electrons are then able to flow freely, generating a current. 

The more prominent the power of sunlight reaching the panel, the greater power it can deliver. To transform the absorbed solar energy into electrical power, a process known as the photovoltaic effect takes place inside each cell. As long as there is some sunlight, Adani panels can generate renewable energy even on cloudy or hazy days.

Their vigorous design offers protection so the panels can continue to work all year without interference.

Why Choose an Adani Solar Panel?

  1. Safe: Solar power is safer than regular power sources, whether it is for use or maintenance and fixing.
  2. Renewable Energy: Solar energy is a source of renewable energy. It tends to be utilised on each side of the world, for example, it is dependably accessible.
  3. Electricity Bill Decrease:- Since you will meet all your energy needs with electricity produced from Adani solar panel energy, you will get help from the gigantic expense of the electricity bill. The amount you can save money on your bill depends upon your necessities.
  4. Maximum Usage:- Solar energy is utilized for different purposes. Anything can produce electricity or intensity (solar thermal) by solar energy. Can convey electricity to areas without electricity, use it in processing plants, supply clean water, use it in family errands, and use it for space satellites.
  5. Technology Improvement:- Modern development has expanded due to the consistently expanding utilization of solar energy and filling quickly in the future is normal

As you know, Sun energy is eco-friendly and sustainable. Harnessing it can offer multiple benefits, such as environmental protection and less ecological damage. Hence, using an Adani solar panel lets you save electricity and avoid huge electricity bills by simply using the natural power source, the Sun.

How an Adani Solar Panel is Beneficial for Domestic and Industrial Use

  1. Environment-friendly: The Adani Solar Panel provided by Sun-ap is sustainable and reduces your carbon footprint with clean, renewable energy.
  2. Reliable: The power supply is uninterrupted, even during grid outrages. This enhances your home’s energy resilience.
  3. Scalability: Meet the increasing demand of your industrial operations by enhancing your infrastructure.

Why Purchase Adani Solar Panels?

  1. Quality :- Adani solar panels from the manufacturer have a quality assurance. As the top solar company in India, Adani uses durable materials and strict manufacturing standards to deliver high performing panels. Their products undergo extensive testing before reaching customers so you can be sure of a safe system that will last for years.  
  2. Valid Warranty:- Adani solar panels come with a licensed manufacturer warranty for peace of mind. As the leading solar brand, Adani stands behind their products to provide support if needed. The valid warranty ensures any issues will be resolved by Adani during the coverage period without additional costs. This is unlike inferior panels from unknown brands that may not offer technical support or repairs under warranty terms.    
  3. Technical Expertise and Support:- Adani is an experienced solar brand that manufactures reliable, high-quality panels. Sun-AP has knowledgeable staff that can provide guidance on choosing the right Adani panel for your needs. The experts know about Adani items and can respond to inquiries concerning arrangement and use. Their mastery assists clients with choosing a proficient sunlight based arrangement that satisfies wellbeing and execution guidelines.
  4. System Design and Installation:- Many sellers like Sun-AP offer system design and installation aids, guaranteeing your solar inverters are appropriately arranged and installed for ideal execution and safety. This can save you time and money contrasted with attempting to source and install the panels yourself.


What are the different types of Adani solar panels?

There are different kinds of Adani solar panels, such as

  • Monocrystalline silicon (mono-Si) panels
  • Polycrystalline silicon (poly-Si) panels
  • Bifacial panels
How much do Adani solar panels cost?

The expense of Adani solar panels varies depending upon the kind of panel, its proficiency, and its size. Mono-Si boards are the most costly, trailed by poly-Si boards and afterwards bifacial boards. The size of the board will likewise influence the expense, with bigger boards costing more than more modest boards.

By and large, you can hope to pay somewhere in the range of ₹40 to ₹60 per watt for Adani sunlight-powered chargers. Notwithstanding, you might have the option to find them for less expensive or more costly depending upon the vendor and any limits that are accessible.

How long will an Adani solar panel last?

Adani solar panels are built to last for decades. They come with a 25-year performance warranty which guarantees the panel will maintain at least 80% of its rated power output for 25 years. This level of longevity is possible because Adani uses top-quality materials like tempered glass and an anodized aluminum frame to withstand harsh weather conditions. 

Regular maintenance like cleaning can help ensure optimal performance for even longer. Many homeowners report their Adani systems are still going strong after 10-15 years of use with no signs of slowing down. The durable construction makes Adani panels a reliable investment that will generate clean energy for a lifetime.  

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