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Solar Micro Inverters and accessories

Eminent collaboration with Livguard Solar, FIMER-ABB, Power-One, Enphase and more provides a range of Solar Micro Inverters and accessories in the price range of Rs.8500/- to Rs.20000/- Solar micro inverters are new-age inverter models designed towards efficiency. Installed on each panel, they allow for more energy production and monitoring. Sun-AP offers a range of solar microinverter accessories, including monitoring systems and communication gateways, to optimise solar energy generation.

Solar String Inverters

Solar String Inverters have been the pioneers in the inverter industry for over a decade. Sun-AP has been a leading distributor of Livguard Solar, FIMER-ABB, Power-One, Enphase and more providing a top-notch collection of solar string inverters in the price range of Rs.20000/- to Rs.700000/- The pricing varies on the features and area as well, where each product is curated to efficient and reliable solar solutions.

EV Chargers

With the evolution of greener solutions and turning towards electric devices and automobiles instead of fossil fuels, EV Chargers have been the prerequisite to aid this energy shift. Sun-AP has partnered with Global brands like Panasonic, FIMER-ABB, and Power-One to provide convenient EV charging options in the price range of Rs.20000/- to Rs.200000/- Upgrade your EV experience with our premium charging solutions, designed for maximum efficiency and convenience.

DG Control Panels

Sun-AP EcoPower offers high-quality DG (Diesel Generator) Control Panels that are designed to ensure the reliable and efficient performance of diesel generators. At Sun-AP Global brands like DEIF have taken the customer experience a level higher, with a price range of Rs.6500/- to Rs.200000/- These panels feature user-friendly interfaces and advanced features like load management, auto start/stop, and remote monitoring, making them ideal for use in a variety of industrial and commercial applications.


Navigating and monitoring your solar activity on devices can take your solar productivity a step ahead! With leading industry pioneers like Panasonic, Secure and DEIF, Sun-AP provides the most efficient product experience with price ranges of Rs.7000/- to Rs.20000/- that suits the varied needs and requirements of the users. These meters have convenient user interfaces backed with easy maintenance and service assistance.

Solar Panels

Sun-AP EcoPower markets a range of high-quality solar panels that are designed to provide reliable and efficient performance. Sun-AP is a leading distributor of solar panels in Panasonic, REC, Adani Solar, Livguard Solar and Goldi Solar in the price range of Rs.15000/- to Rs.45000/- These panels feature advanced technologies like PERC and bifacial cells and are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit different applications. The company also offers installation services and assistance at every step to elevate the customer experience.

Disclaimer- *The above information is for reference and representative purposes and general information only. Please contact company for any requirements. All prices, specifications and availability subject to change without notice. Contact us for most current information.


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