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Renewable energy has gained tremendous popularity in recent years as a sustainable option to meet the world’s expanding energy demands. Solar power, in particular, has emerged as a potential replacement for traditional energy generation. It has revolutionised living and energy practices enormously. However, excessive voltage, temperature, dirt, or damage can impair the functioning of your solar devices. A timely and prompt update on the condition will assist you in resolving issues before they can get too icky. This is why Secure Solar meters are gaining prominence now with their production of high-quality meters and Controls.

Secure meters also facilitate energy saving as well as budgeting since they provide information on energy consumption patterns and account balance. In this blog, we will look further into why secure meters are trusted and the various qualities that make them stand out.

Why Choose Secure Meters?

Secure has established a reputable brand name in the metering and control business as a reputable and reliable company. Secure is recognised for manufacturing high-quality products that fulfil demanding specifications, owing to their competence and expertise.

When it comes to tracking and measuring solar energy, clarity and accuracy are essential and Secure meters fulfil this requirement precisely for measurements of vital metrics like voltage, current, power output, and temperature. You can rely on the information they supply for effective system monitoring and optimisation.

Secure has struck a collaboration with Sun-AP EcoPower, one of the market’s top solar distributors and places its trust in them for the efficient reach of sales and services of their products. This relationship reflects Secure’s commitment to guaranteeing the effective delivery of its high-quality products and solutions to a broader consumer base.

Secure meters Now Accessible To You With Sun-AP EcoPower

Sun-AP EcoPower is one of the pioneering solar distributors in India thriving towards a greener future by enriching and establishing solar power equipment and products. 

Many global brands including Panasonic, REC-Singapore, FIMER-ABB, Enphase-USA, DEIF, Secure, Adani, Goldi, Livguard etc. 

Sun-AP EcoPower is a proud distributor of an array of Secure meters facilitating customers to have a choice based on their requirements and budgeting standards. The various Secure meters available at Sun-AP EcoPower include:

  • Secure Pre – Paid meters
    • Liberty Pre-Paid Meter – 170 Single phase
    • Liberty – 370 Submetering Dual Source
    • Liberty Pre-Paid Meter – 370 Three-ph
    • Liberty Pre-Paid Meter – 500 Three-ph
    • Prodigy Distribution transformer metre
  • Secure Multifunctional meters
    • Elite 100 series: Single phase – Three phase LED – LCD’’
    • Elite 300 series: Single phase – Three phase LED – LCD’’
    • Elite 440 Series: Model 440 – 448’’
    • Elite 500 series TFT display
  • Secure Tariff meters / Energy meters
    • Premier-300” Tri-vector meters Three Ph
    • Sprint 350 – Three Ph Bi-directional Net Metering
  • Secure HT Meter Series
    • Apex 100
    • Apex 150
  • Secure Digital Panel meters (DPM)
    • DPM Series: M310
    • DPM Series: V360
  • Secure Energy Efficiency Measurements / SCADA / Remote Monitoring
    • eWatch Online
    • DPT300 Multi-Function Transducers

As it is seen above, Secure meters accommodate a wide range of customers with their broad collection of metering, controlling and monitoring products through Sun-AP EcoPower.


Solar meters have evolved into essential resources for ensuring the best efficiency and reliability of solar power installations. Secure, as one of the industry’s top companies, provides a variety of high-quality meters and controllers that enable customers to successfully monitor, analyse, and regulate their solar energy output.

Secure and Sun-AP EcoPower work together to provide exceptional product value and client experience. By combining Secure’s proficiency with metering and controls alongside Sun-AP EcoPower’s broad distribution network, the collaboration hopes to speed the widespread use of solar power alternatives while contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.

With Secure meters, you can harness the power of solar energy and achieve the full potential of ecologically sound and energy-effective power production. Contact Us and we will guide you in your journey towards a greener, healthier future.

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