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FIMER-ABB Inverters

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FIMER-ABB Inverters have become game-changers in the quickly changing solar energy industry, transforming solar power generation. These inverters have established themselves as reliable solutions for the conversion of electricity into its usable form through their technological advancement, efficiency, and consistency. The advantages and characteristics of FIMER-ABB inverters will be discussed in this blog article, along with how they are transforming the solar industry.

Understanding The Working of FIMER-ABB Inverters

The primary function of FIMER-ABB inverters is to transform solar-generated direct current (DC) power into useable alternating current (AC) electricity. The working is broken down as follows:

DC Power Conversion: Solar panels produce DC power when they are subjected to sunlight. The FIMER-ABB inverter, which serves as an interface between the solar panels and the power system, accumulates this DC electricity next which they work on conversion to AC.

Maximum Power Pont Tracking (MPPT): FIMER-ABB inverters have cutting-edge MPPT technology. To determine the Maximmum Power Pont Tracking at which the solar panels perform their best, MPPT algorithms constantly track the voltage & current output of the panels. They maximise the energy output from the solar panels by tracking and optimising the MPP.

Conversion to AC Power: The inverter transforms the optimal DC power acquired from MPPT into AC electricity, which is the common form of energy utilised in residences, commercial establishments, and the electrical grid. This conversion is accomplished by transferring the direct current (DC) by means of power electronics units inside the inverter, such as transformers, capacitors, and switches.

Safety and protection: To safeguard the system and customers, these inverters integrate quite a few safety measures which include protection against hazards like overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuits, and ground faults. The inverter’s protection measures provide safe operation and guard against harm to the system or any associated equipment in the case of a malfunction or abnormal situation.

FIMER-ABB inverters are engineered to be extremely efficient, allowing for ideal energy collection from solar panels. Their cutting-edge power electronics and creative algorithms optimise energy conversion, reducing losses and enhancing system performance as a whole. This high efficiency translates into better energy outputs and higher financial returns for solar system owners.

Enhance Solar Energy Efficiency with FIMER-ABB Inverters: Available Now via Sun-AP EcoPower

To ensure the efficiency and performance of solar energy systems, the choice of inverters plays an important role. FIMER-ABB inverters, supplied through the esteemed and reliable distributor Sun-AP EcoPower, have revolutionized the solar industry with their innovative technology and determination towards energy management.

Sun-AP EcoPower as a reputable distributor serves a vital role in ensuring that these inverters are available to a broad consumer base. Their comprehensive understanding of solar energy and dedication to ecologically conscious solutions are a natural fit with FIMER-ABB’s mission. Together, they work to encourage the use of renewable energy in order to safeguard the planet.

The range of FIMER-ABB Inverters available at Sun-AP EcoPower comprises:

  • FIMER-ABB Grid-Tied / On-Grid Inverters
    • UNO-DM-PLUS-Q |1.2-TL 2.0-TL 3.0-TL|
    • UNO-DM-PLUS-Q |3.3-TL 4.0-TL 4.6-TL 5.0-TL|
    • TRIO-5.8/7.5/8.5- TL-OUTD |5.8-TL 7.5-TL 8.5-TL|
    • PVS |10-TL 12.5-TL 15-TL|
    • PVS |20-TL 30-TL 33-TL|
    • PVS |50-TL 60-TL|
    • PVS |100/120-TL|
  • FIMER-ABB Hybrid Solar Inverter
    • Integrated Lithium Battery 5 kVA – 4kW

These inverters are developed to meet the different demands and requirements of consumers, including solar, electrical, and budgetary factors.  They increase return on investment and reduce the payback time for clients by optimising energy conversion efficiency. A larger spectrum of customers may now access and afford renewable energy because of its cost-effectiveness.

Other FIMER-ABB products that you can find at Sun-AP EcoPower include:

  • FIMER FLEXA – AC WALLBOX – SINGLE Phase chargers
    • AC Wallbox – Stand Alone
    • AC Wallbox – INVERTER NET Model
    • AC Wallbox – FUTURE NET Model
  • FIMER FLEXA – AC WALLBOX – THREE Phase chargers
    • AC Wallbox – INVERTER NET Model
    • AC Wallbox – FUTURE NET Model
  • FIMER-ABB: EV (Electric Vehicle) Chargers
    • AC STATION – Stand Alone Model Three Phase Download Data Sheet 22 kW x 2 Stand Alone / Local Controller / Future Net 
    • Grid Charging Station Combo- 1 AC + 2 DC


FIMER-ABB puts an emphasis on customer satisfaction through their inverters. These inverters are accelerating the shift to a future of sustainable energy through their cutting-edge features, high efficiency, flexibility, and reliability. Users may effectively utilise solar energy while contributing to a more efficient and sustainable energy future with FIMER-ABB inverters.

Reach out to Sun-AP EcoPower to invest in FIMER-ABB Inverters and join hands with us in this beautiful journey towards sustainability.

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