Solar Energy Management With Livguard Solar Controllers

Livguard Solar Controllers

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Solar power has evolved as a significant renewable energy source, enabling the world to adopt cost-effective and sustainable electricity generation. The key element of every effective solar system is the solar controller. In this endeavour of tapping into the best of solar power, Livguard Solar Controllers have emerged as the game changer.

Livguard Solar Controllers are redefining how solar electricity is harnessed and utilised thanks to their cutting-edge technology and unique features. In this blog article, we’ll dig into the realm of Livguard Solar Controllers to explore their major advantages, standout qualities, and significant function in boosting solar energy production.

What Is The Need For LivGuard Solar Controllers?

Energy production facilities like solar power plants, wind farms, tidal power plants, fuel cells, etc. are periodic in nature, implying they cannot constantly generate energy throughout the day. They need a battery to store power because of this

The battery only retains the electrical energy; it doesn’t alter or convert it in any way. When electricity isn’t available, the battery’s internal stored charge is used to power the loads.

A charge controller is generally always installed with batteries. A charge controller, as its name suggests, is an electrical module that regulates and optimises the amount of charge flowing into and coming out of the battery. 

Unleashing Solar Power: Livguard’s Superior Solar Controllers

The LivGuard solar controllers provide a wide range of advantages that are revolutionising the very sector. They come with impressive charge-controlling rates, are compatible with a range of system voltages and solar panels and employ advanced technology. These properties are reflected below in this table:

Model NameLSCC 122410LSCC 122420LSSC 24-4850
Charge Controller Rating (Amp)12/24 @10A12/24 @20A24V @ 50A36V @ 50A48V @ 50A
TechnologyMicroController Unit-Based PWM 
TypeSeries Regulator Common Positive 
System Voltage12/24V24/36/48V
SettingAuto SensingSettable (Default 48V)
Maximum Solar Panel (Wp)12V @ 160W24V @ 335W12V @ 335 V24V @ 600V1800W3600W
Maximum Solar Panel Voltage60V90V
  • Advanced Technology for Maximum Efficiency

The solar controllers from Livguard feature innovative technology in order to guarantee maximum energy efficiency.  This maximises energy output and overall system performance by allowing the solar cells to produce more power even under undesirable weather conditions.

  • Improved Battery Management and Protection:

The Livguard solar controllers are engineered to safeguard batteries and increase their longevity. The controllers govern the charging process using advanced charging algorithms to eliminate overcharging and deep drain, protecting the battery bank from damage and enhancing battery life and durability.

  • User-Friendly Design:

Livguard knows the value of a user-friendly interface and monitoring tools in solar controllers. Their controllers provide customers with real-time information on system performance, energy generation, battery state etc. This gives consumers the ability to make wise decisions and regulate their energy use.

Liv Guard sources their top quality Solar-based Electronic products to Sun-AP EcoPower, one of the progressive brands in India driving towards the Solar Energy revolution.

Sun-AP EcoPower: Redefining Excellence in Solar Solutions

Sun AP EcoPower is the finest in the business as far as it concerns solar energy solutions. It has built a solid and stellar reputation for providing top-notch solar supplies, services, products and resources thanks to its unrelenting dedication to quality and innovation. 

By picking Sun AP EcoPower, you are picking a reliable collaborator who will satisfy your energy demands with high-performing, reliable solar solutions while promoting environmental sustainability.

Many top electrical brands are partnered with Sun-AP and trust their distribution services. A few of their top collaboration includes; Panasonic, REC-Singapore, FIMER-ABB, Enphase-USA, DEIF, Secure, Adani, Goldi, Livguard etc. 

Livguard Solar Solutions & Sun-AP EcoPower

Sun-AP EcoPower has found an excellent ally in Livguard Solar Controllers as they work to maximise the use of solar energy. Together, they are improving solar efficiency and transforming how we consume the sun’s abundant power source.

With its cutting-edge features and unparalleled efficiency, Livguard Solar Controllers have revolutionised the solar industry. The collaboration transforms into a force to be reckoned with when joined with Sun-AP EcoPower’s dedication to innovation and sustainability.

Other products of Livguard with Sun-AP include; 

  • LivGuard Solar Panels
    • Polycrystalline technology 335Watts
    • Mono PERC technology 535Watts
  • LivGuard Solar On-Grid / Grid-Tied Inverters
    • String Inverters 3/5 kW Single phase
    • String Inverters 5/8/10 kW Three Phase
    • String Inverters 20/30 kW Three Phase
  • PWM Power Conditioning Unit
    • PWM controller 12V, 1.15 kVA – Single Phase
    • PWM controller 24V, 1.85 KVA/ 2.25 KVA – Single Phase
    • PWM controller 48V, 3.5KVA/5KVA – Single Phase
    • PWM controller 120V, 7.5KVA/10KVA Three Phase
  • MPPT Power Conditioning Unit
    • MPPT controller, 48V, 3.5KVA/5KVA
    • MPPT controller 96V, 7.5KVA
    • MPPT controller 120V, 10KVA
    • MPPT controller 240V, 15KVA
  • LivGuard UPS Inverters
    • PWM Type 0.9kVA/1.1KVA/1.7kVA/
    • PWM Type 2KVA/3kVA/5kVA
  • LivGuard Lead Acid Batteries
    • 12 Volts 30/45/150/180Ah
    • 12 Volts 100/135/165/200Ah
  • Livguard Hybrid Solar Inverters
    • Hybrid Single phase: 48V models: 3 / 5 KVA

Sun-AP and LivGuard together are striving towards a greener future by developing and working towards better solar-based products for energy generation. 


With the collaboration of Sun-AP EcoPower and Livguard, solar performance is rising to new heights. They are revolutionising the solar sector with their cutting-edge technologies and effective energy optimisation. 

Sun-AP EcoPower’s objective to offer environmentally friendly and effective solar solutions is made possible by Livguard Solar Controllers, which capture the sun’s energy and maximise energy output. Together, they are laying the foundation for a future that is greener and more sustainable.

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