Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited (RBEI) is a 100% owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH. RBEI is one of the world’s leading global suppliers of technology and services. It offers end-to-end Engineering, IT and Business Solutions.REBI has always focused on improving the quality of the life of people, providing newer revenue-generating opportunities, and improving operational efficiencies for enterprises through an array of solutions. With the unique ability to offer end-to-end solutions that connect Sensors, Software, and Services, RBEI enables businesses to move from the traditional to digital, or improve businesses by introducing a digital element in their products and processes. It is at the forefront of designing, developing, and executing IoT ecosystems. They have an all-encompassing capability within the three aspects of IoT – Sensors, Software, and Services.


Phantom by Bosch is a Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring Advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) Energy Management Solution for data management, monitoring and analysis of loads at home, facility management of loads in detail, factories and industries, institutions, etc. It is a small-sized toolkit device that can help owners identify opportunities to save money on their electric bills. Phantom has a unique process of analysing changes in the current and voltage used by the setup and measuring the individual energy consumption and the load of the devices used. The derivations are based on consumed load, duration of usage, peak usage pattern, etc.

Bosch Phantom adds insights that typically only come from much more complex PLC-backed controls equipment and does so without a fuss. Instead of high capital costs, complex programming, and masses of wiring, Phantom brings a robust set of intelligent monitoring solutions packed into a single, easy to install bolt-on device. That’s an impressive value proposition for homeowners, businesses owners, manufacturing plants, and commercial operations alike.This product non-intrusively taps into the organization device and energy consumption network, measures the energy usage of devices individually and tracks the load on these devices at various periods. This system helps identify potential faults, improving operations and efficiency of the devices, thereby reducing periodical maintenance costs.


  • Telecom.
  • Retail.
  • ATM.
  • Stores and Malls.
  • Industry for Machinery.
  • Institution.
  • Domestic Homes or Villas.
  • Facility Management.


It changes “Present Aggregated Data” to “Disaggregated Data” – data driven decision making. It provides:

  • Transparency of Energy Usage across different appliances and Safety – asset level energy.
  • Real Time Usage Data.
  • Behaviour Based Savings.
  • Asset Benchmarking and Optimization.
  • Optimal Operating Points.
  • Load Balancing.
  • Harmonics



  • Optimises energy bills at every outlet.
  • Monitors actual operating hours.
  • Ensures total asset utilisation.
  • Points out critical conditions before they worsen.
  • Identifies wastage of energy and suggests reduction methodology.


  • Automatically collects, calculates and reports the costs of energy consumed — department-wise, process-wise, shift-wise or equipment-wise.
  • Determines the true impact of energy prices on all production lines.
  • Automatic alerts to take corrective action during adverse trends.
  • Removes electricity budgeting guesswork.
  • Helps in minimizing administrative costs and reduces data entry errors.
  • Identifies devices that need servicing.
  • Identifies generator run hours and fuel consumption.
  • There are efficiency parameters such as machine downtime and other performance parameters. “It tells you why the machine was slow or for how long was it down”.


  • Analyses the energy consumption over time and creates a profile.
  • Parse out specific power signatures.