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Adani Solar Panels

Why Adani Solar Panels ?

Adani Solar Panels is India’s leading vertically integrated solar company that offers products and services across the spectrum of photovoltaics manufacturing. The cutting-edge technology, with machines and equipment sourced from the best-in-class suppliers, aims to help in cost leadership, scale of operations, and reliability standards per global benchmarks.

ETERNAL SHINE Series Monofacial PV Modules

Adani Solar Panels Model:

Eternal Shine Series Monofacial PV Modules MBBP-Type PERC Half-cut 540 Wp

• MBB cell technology with 10BB, Smart Soldering

• High module conversion efficiency upto 21.22%

• Excellent low light performance

• Least Degradation for LID & LeTID with Ga Doped wafer technology

• Excellent anti-micro cracking performance with more balanced interior stress:grid pattern current path, lower cost

• Excellent PID Resistance


Adani Polycrystalline panels DCR/non-DCR /335 Wp

Indian Cell's 72-cell module with BIS, MNRE, and IEC approval: 330 – 345 Wp Modules with low-temperature coefficient, high fill factor, excellent low light irradiance performance | Superior performance at NOCT and PTC conditions.

• Higher Efficiency Modules with a 3% increase in energy production over the industry standard.

• Higher Energy PV Modules with an industry average of 330Wp but 335Wp more powerful Complete Automation.

• 100% automated production line; cutting-edge module manufacturing technology.

Adani Polycrystalline panels