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Sun-AP Ecopower, Bangalore is the trendsetter and market leader bringing the latest state of the art technologies and smart grid concept for Indian grid consumers as well as for all solar energy clients. Sun-AP specializes in providing -

  • Latest in digital technology smart grid microinverters which are the only solution providing upto 25 years international warranty and life with the latest in International certifications.
  • Latest in Do-IT-Yourself solar installation allowing users to choose and combine the best in class technology across solar panels and solar inverters to get a 25 years life using local electricians thereby reducing costs and improving world class reliability.
  • Smart storage solutions for urban users as well as combined storage solutions with grid-off grid combo for towns, rural users or farming community for power back up or micro grids or irrigation etc.
  • Smart Energy Management solutions to understand your power wastage in existing units or homes and find ways to reduce such wastage and understand all your appliances using real time data analytics and AI (Artificial Intelligence).
  • Best in class and highest efficiency solar panels of Made in India or Global category with strong warranties upto 25 years.

Sun-AP Global Partners and Brands
Official and Authorized Distributor

Sun-AP prides itself on bringing to its Indian clients the best in class and latest technological innovations from Global Leaders and brands.

Sun-AP Global Partners and Brands

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Enphase USA Solar Microinverters and Future Solutions:

  • Sun-AP the official and authorized national distributor for India region for Enphase-USA grid tied microinverters since 2016 with over 150 channel outlets across India covering all states. Sun-AP has the highest supported Indian installations using Enphase technology of over 18000 units operational satisfactorily including the largest rooftop in India using Enphase technology of 1 MW solar plant over past 3 years for leading FMCG.
  • Sun-AP through its authorized channels also enables –
    • Complete hand holding to end client in adopting this latest in digital and next generation technology of solar inverters.
    • The complete technical and service support is also provided to buyers of the microinverters including design assistance.
    • A Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kit is also given wherein complete solar system ready to assemble is supplied with latest high efficiency solar panels to enable user assemble systems himself using locally certified electricians.
    • Digital Online Apps and Real time data monitoring at solar panel level.


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Panasonic-Anchor Solar Panels of HIT and Mono-PERC Technologies.

  • With many types of solar panels and brands available from many countries, it is very difficult for a buyer to make a informed choice on which panels to buy.
  • Sun-AP brings you the analysis and performance and warranty parameters of top performing solar panels with best service in India.


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Bosch™ Phantom Energy Analytics AI (Artificial Intelligence) Tool

  • Sun-AP brings state of the art energy analytics tool to enable understand where energy or power is wasted at your home or office or industry or building.
  • Able to analyse to understand different appliances power consumption, pattern and its lifecycle.
  • First time in India, a useful AI enabled tool at your doorstep from the global leaders Bosch with their “Phantom” model.

Sun-AP Integrated Do-It-Yourself or Ready to Assemble Solar Kit : GRID TIED systems

  • Ease of Assembly, with products having upto 25 years warranty, nut and bolt type assembly for RCC or sloping roofs.
  • Zero export type of models wherein net metering or gross metering challenges are overcome and daytime consumption enabled for direct use in presence of grid.

Sun-AP Integrated Do-It-Yourself or Ready to Assemble Solar Kit: OFF-GRID systems.

  • Off grid installations where grid connection is poor or hybrid installations using batteries are also provided using state of art inverters.