Enphase System

World’s leading microinverter Safe all-AC electricity Smarter Solar

Why Enphase

  • Latest in class, 6th generation microinverter technology
  • Proven reliability with over 15 million units installed worldwide.
  • Design challenges avoided as no DC cabling or fuse or switches required.
  • Module mismatch issues avoided.
  • Flexibility in module selection as differently rated module can be used adjacent.
  • Module level monitoring possible giving strong guarantee surveillance of modules daily and over years enabling identify problems immediately.
  • High on safety as no high DC voltages on roof or building.
  • Fire Safety and emergency access higher as controls all on AC side at mains.
  • Low or minimal shadow effect - Optimal use of roof space as shadow effect of nearby vents or buildings limited to specific module and not string.
  • Ease of repair or change as whole string of modules generation not affected in case of mal-function or inverter problem minimizing downtime.
  • Real time generation and system parameters monitoring on mobile app or computer with cloud based storage.
  • High on product warranty of 10 years compared to any string inverters.
  • Ease of plug and play as system components are primarily solar panels, microinverter and cable kit and AC breaker switch panel.
  • System earth and grounding built into microinverter and cable increasing safety.
  • Bird droppings or improper cleaning does not affect adjacent module generation.
  • Module degradation effect, design defects if any of module, restricted to one module and not whole string of modules performance.
  • PID effect negated to large extent as no high DC voltages.

Product International Certifications

  • ISO 9001:2008 certified, ISO 14001:2009 certified
  • Smart Solar Award UK 2016
  • Frost and Sullivan - 2014 Global Technology leader award
  • Best Inverter 2017 EupD Award - In France, Netherlands and UK
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Benifits Of Using Enphase

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